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###Get in touch If you’d like to be in touch about a speaking opportunity, send a note to krhinck@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.

###Upcoming events

MozFest 2015


SRCCON 2015, Minneapolis — June 25-26
Co-facilitated session on maintaining momentum outside of conferences.

NICAR 2015, Atlanta — March 5-8
Visual journalism for tiny news desks.

Newsgeist 2014, Phoenix — Nov. 14-16

MozFest 2014, London — Oct. 23-27
Facilitated a session for the Source Code for Journalism track, “Building a radically open editorial process”

Innovation in the Newsroom panel, Minneapolis — Nov. 3
At the University of Minnesota as part of the Murrow Fellows program.

SND Makes, Boston — Oct. 17-19
Attended SND’s second news design event. Our team built hmpgr, a layout editor to help you seamlessly handle your homepage.

ONA 2014, Chicago — Sept. 24-26
Led Friday’s panel, “Big Impact With Small Teams: Designing a Kick-Ass Process for the Small and Scrappy News App Team.” Collaborative notes here: http://bit.ly/ONA14impact

SRCCON 2014, Philadelphia — July 24-25
Facilitated collaborative session on making things happen with small teams. More details here: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/YVbzoybg2G

IRE 2014, San Francisco — June 26-29
Co-led the membership discussion for INN Day and participated in a Sunday panel on open source tools for journalists.

AdaCamp Portland — June 20-21
AdaCamp is an unconference for women in open technology and culture. It brings women together to build community, discuss issues women have in common across open technology and culture fields, and find ways to address them. More info: http://portland.adacamp.org/

NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference, Washington, D.C. — March 12-15
Participated in both Drupal Day and the main conference. Learned an enormous amount about membership programs and how to measure success of fundraising/recruitment tactics.

NICAR 2014, Baltimore — Feb. 27-March 1
For my third NICAR conference, I had the pleasure of attending with my entire team at MinnPost (Tom and Alan). Added bonus of visiting my brother and niece who lived in Baltimore at the time.

Best of the Midwest College Journalism Convention — Feb. 7-8
Led round-table discussion for the “Break with a Pro” part of the event.

SND Quick Course Design Panel, Minneapolis — July 12, 2013
Spoke on panel about designing for all devices.

NTEN 2013 Drupal Day, Minneapolis — April 11, 2013
Gave lightning talk about MinnPost’s transition to Drupal and our open-source data projects.

Hacks/Hackers Twin Cities — March 26, 2012
Spoke about MinnPost’s redesign and data projects.